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The South Arkansas Symphony, the state's oldest symphony, is turning 61, and the SouthArkansas Arts Center is celebrating its 53rd anniversary. We celebrate by pulling out all the stops and celebrating a special festival with music, art, food, music and fun for all ages.

The heart of the district will be an old variety show that has been redesigned for a touring Broadway show. It will be the first time in more than a decade that it has been used as the home of the South Arkansas Symphony, and it will also have hosted a series of performances by local musicians, actors, dancers and musicians.

The Walton Family Foundation played an important role in the planning of the space, and the project has reorganized the existing space. Originally built in 1929, the abandoned historic theatre is currently being renovated to host entertainment events for local and regional companies and to host travelling shows. This is just the beginning of what could make El Dorado the first place in Bentonville to offer a full-fledged arts and entertainment district in the heart of the city.

Less a show, Eldorado is a natural amphitheater that hosts a variety of handmade art, music, dance and other arts and entertainment events. It includes a museum, an art gallery, a café and restaurant, and an open-air stage for concerts and shows.

El Dorado is home to one of the largest oil and gas production facilities in the United States. Although Murphy has not drilled in southern Arkansas since the 1990s, it has kept its headquarters in El Dorado. It also owns a lamination plant and produces laminate for the US Army Corps of Engineers and Arkansas Department of Natural Resources, as well as a number of other companies.

El Dorado News - Times is owned by the University of Arkansas, a member of the Arkansas State University College of Journalism and Mass Communications. It is also home to the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Arkansas Department of Natural Resources, as well as a number of other companies.

A group of local music lovers founded the El Dorado Symphony and Choral Society and was one of the first orchestras in Arkansas in 1956. Interest in the orchestra grew and its mission expanded to fulfill a regional role serving as the South Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.

In the early 1990s, an El Dorado-based company called Information Galore first brought public Internet access to Arkansas. KBSA became part of the network, along with other local organizations such as the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce, Arkansas State University and the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe was at the groundbreaking ceremony, and the city of El Dorado donated $11 million. Arkansas State gave $5 million, including $3 million from the Arkansas Department of Commerce and $1.5 million from Arkansas State University in Little Rock.

Smokey Robinson will perform on Saturday, June 11 at 7 p.m. in the newly constructed - fully seated - amphitheater. According to a press release, Crystal Bridges is seeking nationwide synergies to promote access to art and make Arkansas a great place to live and play. The South Arkansas Arts Center, locally known as SAAC, is an independent, nonprofit organization. Our mission to serve the people of this region between two states is to promote, facilitate and support all age groups, cultural, social and racial groups.

The Medical Center of South Arkansas has developed innovative partnerships with specialty clinics, dramatically expanding the scope and scope of our services.

Great Lakes Solutions and Chemtura are pleased to announce plans to build a new production facility at their existing South Plant facility in El Dorado. For oil companies in and around El Dorado, this project is an opportunity to attract young, well-educated workers to the remote areas of southern Arkansas. In the middle of the South Arkansas oil field, El Dorados hopes to redevelop itself into a cosmopolitan capital. Located on the border of Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Mississippi River Valley, it is full of pride and hospitality of the locals, with restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels.

One of the main reasons why Santa Fe has been declared a UNESCO Creative City of Folk Art is its rich cultural heritage and vibrant art scene.

El Dorado has plenty of history to explore, and the historic John Newton House, built in 1849, is one of the most popular historic attractions. The Arkansas Natural History Museum is housed in a historic building on the site of a former train station in the historic district of the city.

The Pottery House is one of the most popular tourist attractions in El Dorado, Arkansas, and houses the largest collection of ceramics in the United States. Eldorado is the only place in Australia where you have a good chance of finding the "El Dorados of Pottery." Life Force is the only museum in Australia with pottery and ceramics shop. The potters have recently begun the construction of a new building, the Pottery House, on the site of an old railway station in the city.

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