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El Dorado is in its third year of building a new paper mill and processing plant, and the $200 million project has already hired more than 50 workers, and plans to hire dozens more to start the new production line later this year. Conifex, based in Vancouver, Canada, says it has created about 1,000 jobs, representing an $80 million commitment to the plant. The site is located in the former paper mills in the Georgia Pacific, which closed nearly a decade ago and are rumoured to be in the process of being converted to produce high-quality paper and other paper products.

The salary range varies widely depending on the actual position required for certification, but as of November 25, 2020, the average annual salary for a Certified Paper and Paper Products Specialist in El Dorado is $41,216, or $73,241. A typical package that includes all the necessary codes and reference books costs between $2,500 and $3,500. Benefits include paid leave, deferred compensation, health insurance, pensions and health benefits.

Employees in the field of social services with experience working with all ages, children and adult clients. The social services sector relates to working with children, adults and their families, and to the careers of children and adults.

Please note that it is possible to obtain the CPC Apprentice certificate, which is awarded for passing the examination and experience. In order to obtain the full certificates, CPC candidates must also gain at least 2 years of professional experience and submit two letters of recommendation. CPC must also complete at least one year of accredited continuing education (CEU) to retain certified status. Additional requirements set by the Agency for recruitment purposes require review and approval by the Office of Personnel Management.

Please complete the application form according to the instructions and with detailed information. Failure to complete will adversely affect your comparison with other candidates and only copies should be submitted at the time of application. During the interview you should always have reference letters, certificates and licenses with you.

Positions that do not require certification are not very common, but those that do not require certification often require you to obtain certification within a certain period of time.

Applying for a continuously advertised position does not guarantee that the position is available for this position. If a position or position in this title becomes vacant, we will review all eligible applications that meet the criteria of the county class. Each e-mail confirming that an applicant meets the minimum qualification for the position serves as a future reference point. JOB TITLE Applicants must submit an official transcript together with all other information provided as part of their application. All applications are checked for accuracy and completeness, regardless of the official copies submitted by the job title J and / or other personal information of the applicant.

Part of your work history may include voluntary or unpaid work, but you should specify the number of hours per week in which you perform your duties. helps you determine your exact salary target , but please remember that if you are hired in a district that we do not name, you will not be on the payroll.

Assign medical records according to established procedures and keep a narrative detailing the actions taken on behalf of the client and family. Training clients in employment skills through direct support when needed, monitoring of work assignments and provision of materials and tools. Murder of patients and monitoring of their medical records and medical history, as well as care and development of a comprehensive medical and treatment history. Perform administrative tasks such as phone calls, customer money transfers, document typing, mail processing, and other administrative tasks.

Hutchinson returned from his European trade mission last summer and wrote letters to UK and EU trade officials about Arkansas' burgeoning biomass industry. Arkansas is the second largest biomass production industry in the world, behind Germany, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Conifex expects to produce 180 million board feet initially and is mainly active in the production of wood chips, wood pellets and other biomass products. The purchase of sawwood is expected to be to a supplier within a 60-mile radius.

Conifex acquired its first decommissioned sawmill in Canada from its Canadian headquarters in British Columbia in 2008 and acquired a second biomass power plant two years later, which has been in operation since 2015. The company is investing $80 million to create more than 500 jobs, according to a company press release. A leading manufacturer of wood chips, wood pellets and other biomass products, it employs over 500 people in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Conifex CEO Ken Shields said his commitment to the $80 million facility would ensure the long-term sustainability of the site and contribute to overall company growth. State officials told Talk Business & Politics that construction of the mega-project will begin once preliminary and environmental permits are completed. The Conifexes project will be an opportunity for foreign investors who want to use the rich forest resources of our state to participate in the development of a multi-million dollar biomass power plant. A state economic development official said Hutchinson is expected to make the job announcement at a news conference Wednesday at the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock.